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What is P-Tides & Organic Extract? 6/17/19

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

P-Tides & Organic Extract has a multi-layered definition so here we go....

P-Tides= Pull Tides when the Ocean flows the opposite way, waves flowing inward.

Organic Extract = The intangible qualities of every individual, the stuff we don't see, Beauty in Imperfection.

First of all P-Tides is an album we recorded to represent true human dysfunction. It represents some of the not so finer things in life, the butt end of things, the much needed bowel movement. In an age where everything is so finely detailed and represented as "perfect", P-Tides is anything but. The goal was to create a concept of imperfection, and realism in our own lives. There isn't any Auto-Tune, or filters, just a raw record made from a sampler. This record is not meant to define Two Tone Black's sound, it is just an extension of our hearts.

We had a blast making this album it came very naturally, and we utilized an MPC 2000xl as our main means of production. Which for those of you who don't know is an early 2000's drum machine, notorious in the beatmaking community. We Recorded the whole album in our loft studio "Justin's Room Studios" over the course of a few weeks. It is a sample heavy record but we feel strongly that sampling is a great way of expressing one's sound, and in doing so give aknowledgment to the original artist whom we respect and admire. Thank you to all we Sampled, knowingly or not to you. We also shot a video for each song, and put it in movie form it's available on Youtube under our page, (it's in the upper right corner). The videos Highlight the beautiful city of New Orleans, where we have resided for 3 years. NOLA is a great city and has treated us with Love as we have it. There is no place quite like it, and we tried to capture a bit of that in the videos. These videos are not an exact representation of the music, but are of the concept. We didn't use a fence camera or top of the line editing software, we used ghetto equipment and made something fun. So please take those videos with a grain of sugar. As far as the artwork we collaborated with our friend Erich Wunderlich who does an amazing job at his style of comic book art, and kicked ass on the album artwork. You can find Erich and more of his awesome work on Instagram the link is on the artwork. Hope Everyone who may or may not read this is having a blessed day and overall life. Thanks for reading about this concept and album we hope you can enjoy it for what its worth. We hope this album can make you feel the way we do, and remember, This is Life! so it's not always great but when it is, it is.

Stay up!

Two Tone Black

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