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There's something to celebrate everyday... July 03, 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

From the second you wake up to the moment you finally rest your eyes from the weary world, there is meaning and significance to life. We all have individual and respective roles we have either chosen or accepted and that is essentially what makes this world function, for good and bad. I am speaking first and foremost of the very fact that we are alive(duh) but most importantly we have an opportunity to do something greater than what we did yesterday. It is a question many of us fail to ask ourselves every morning, "What is my purpose and how do I get there?' It seems so simple and yet one can at times find themselves wanting to scream hysterically at the irony and mundanity of it all.

I would like for you to know that there is in fact meaning to your life and you play a significant role not just in society and the world but more importantly in the lives of your friends and family. We often think of celebrations as festive times with drinking and food and merry. Often times myself will turn to the bottle and the bluegrass Piccolo pipes and all for an effective solution or means to an end to feel the celebration and satisfaction of a head change. When you put what you should be celebrating and cherishing into perspective, you begin to see that life is not so bad after all. There is more to celebrate than success and self achievements.

Two Tone Black is a believer that we are here to celebrate each other. That we are bearers of the same flesh and blood and subject to both time, space, gravity and physics. That we are here to endure the unbelievable hardship and tragedy that is life... together. We are believers that music can help us endure and surpass the hard times and celebrate the good times. Life was never meant to be easy and the road we have chosen is not easy but worth it. It is with tremendous privilege and pleasure to share with you the good and bad times through our music. Live life like you mean it. Live and learn and learn to live. Be good to yourself and the rest can be dealt with. Simple? Not really but it's worth a shot to us. So thanks again for your participation in this thing we call "life".

Sincerely with the best wishes and intentions,

Two Tone Black

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