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The relevance of hard copies, and enjoying our Contemporaries Art. 6/24/19

Hello there, this week we just want to talk about how relevant is it still to produce a hard copy of one's music (cd,tape,vinyl,etc..) Obviously in 2019 the digital medium has been king for a while and with respect given as it is very convenient and easily accessible, with the ability to travel seamlessly what more can you ask for? We personally still buy CD's, or a vinyl it's just something about the tangibility of the hardcopy that is nice. Reading the lyrics, enjoying the artwork while in your hands, are just a few notable qualities of the physical medium. So we as Two Tone Black will put all of our releases available for release through hard copy mediums. Not just for ya'll but for us as well. So please go out and buy a copy of your favorite artist, or group/band whatever and enjoy their hardwork.

Which leads to our next topic, Listening to what else is out there. I'm genuinely curious how many people out there actually listen, to up and coming artist's music? Personally I (Steven) try to listen to as many of my peers albums as I can. It really is something fascinating to hear what my friends are putting out and how they are evolving. Especially when they give me a copy of their album, I think it's super disrespectful to be given something to listen to and then not. We should take it not only as a pleasure, but a challenge to listen to others tunes. There is so much to learn from people our same age range who are putting out new music. They usually have the same blueprint we all have and have built from that, so it's only natural that they've probably made something you haven't heard. Also some people must have the same frame of mind when creating their Jams and that expression I like to feel. So again, I truly encourage you to engage in your local music and your contemporaries know what's out there its worth it.

Another Challenge is to my friends, and peers, KEEP MAKING HARD COPIES! and when you do send us a copy we'll cherish it. Also distribute digitally get yourself out there. There is no other way to be heard unless you make the noise, that we call music. As always Stay Up! until next time Two Tone Black

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