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Our First Website, Recording a new Album, and notes on old Love... A.K.A. past releases. 6/8/2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Cool This is our first Blog/news Update, for our new website so please enjoy.

Well it's been a while since TTB has made any moves. We've been on the underground here in New Orleans for a few years. Some good excuses and some bad. Either way still moving on. We've been working hard on getting old material fully out, and we finally have. Projects we did from 2014-2018 are now out and available its a nice feeling. So be sure to check out the releases we have up and out now on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and more. P-Tides & Organic Extract is really something cool and distinguishable amongst most things, a different style production for us but worth every note.

Since, we released that We've been studying and getting are lines straight for the new album we are currently recording. It's untitled for now and is primarily old material, but I must say it's the best we've done so far. We're happy to be working on it as of now with an expected release of mid October.

There's been a lot of hard work put in the recording process off this new record, mostly done at our Justins room Studios. We also completed some tracks at Music Shed Studios in New Orleans, it was a great time and the sound was awesome. We got to use a bunch of cool gadgets (nerd talk time) Like, the Trident 80b console,Neumann and Coles mics, API pre's, and a Quality Rhodes,Steinway and B3 it was fun. We still have some bass, cello, and vocal parts to record and thats about it. I'm very excited for others to hear this record it has a great tonality and vibe to it.

We've also been preparing diligently to get back to live performance, there is nothing quite like playing to a crowd on a stage it really is great and a humbling thing. So we take it seriously to be prepared when we go live and perform to give you the best we got. We're proud to say we can do that with our best effort given. Shit, it's a privilege to get to play live and we are eagerly waiting for our next opportunity.

Well this is the conclusion of week 1 of our new weekly blog. Hopefully Everyone out there whom may read this is blessed and having and amazing day. Have a great one, We'll keep you updated on everything TTB in this blog/news section. STAY UP!

Two Tone Black

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