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Moving forward, inevitable aftermath. July 10, 2019

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Humans are inevitably doomed to move forward. There is no stopping the aftermath of time and the reciprocation of all that is done. Decisions made now will affect the outcome of something else undetermined. There is no intention of this being perceived as a negating connotation. Moving forward is what we must do in order to not only survive but thrive in a world where technological advance is seemingly endless. Acceptance of the change is how we move forward.

Is this really a New Age? Two Tone Black would like to think so. It feels as if the expectation is constantly moving skyward towards the impossible. For all of us. It sometimes is so much that one can hardly take it. How to move forward when it all moves so fast? Keeping up with music, media, news, dieting, exercising, sleeping, relationships, careers, school and the likes of all that keep us moving forward. Finding ways to categorize what's important and what can be left undone. Narrowing down your talents and abilities to invest it into something worthwhile.

These are the things that we ponder daily and want to express further in a way that is felt and perceived. It is more than just hearing or listening it's understanding. A connection that is made in that moment where each other's visions become parallel if not simultaneous and all is understood. Perhaps maybe we are closer as a civilization to achieving that than we give ourselves credit for. Let us continue this venture of moving forward without fear or doubt, if possible. We will continue to endure the nameless, priceless, and invaluable time that is bestowed upon us as best as we can. In this we hope to find something that is worthwhile for all us.

Always with the best regards and intentions,

Two Tone Black

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