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Crescent Desert Connection

What some may call an aftermath of original Two Tone Black fundamental roots, the Crescent Desert Connection is a project inspired by our time spent in the "Big Easy" and our hometown roots of Arizona. In an effort to bridge the gap between our beloved hometown and the great city of New Orleans with it's rich culture and depth of musical history, Two Tone Black set out to re-capture the spirit which inspired us in the first place.

Our love of hip-hop has transcended throughout our entire career. It was in a lot of ways for us, what you would call the gateway to our love of all music. That said we hope we can capture our roots once and for all. We hope to collaborate with our own hometown heroes to express this passion which is and has been shared universally for many years now. Despite the ever growing popularity and dense over saturation of a genre that has defined a generation, we wish to consolidate a time in our life that was and has been a character and personality defining outlet.

(pictured: an old and well regarded friend, collaborator and co-conspirator Daniel Rios)

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